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My Book Will Help You Find New, Frequent & Lost Customers!

My Newest Book…Follow The Journey
Restaurant Marketing That Works – 101…Back To The Basics!


In 2008 I wrote “Don’t 86 Your Restaurant Sales” as a way to show restaurant owners a new way to use digital and 4-walls marketing to see trackable results. It was a HUGE hit worldwide. Thousands of restaurants are using the ideas and teaching from the book.

In 2019 I wrote an updated more in-depth version called “Sell More Slices”. We had gained a lot of traction in the pizza business and my 1st book needed an update, so Sell More Slices was born. Don’t worry, you can just replace “Slices” with whatever you sell in your restaurant. Both are available on Amazon, BUT you get get the newest version for FREE up above.

I’m going to take you along for the journey while writing my 3rd book! When I wrote my other 2 books “Don’t 86 Your Restaurant Sales” & “Sell More Slices” I did so by recording myself and then transcribing it to paper. I got the idea this time that it might be cool to publish each recording as it was made and let you follow me on the path to getting this book published.

Below you’ll find each chapter, enjoy 🙂

Chapter 1 – What’s This Journey About?

Chapter 2 – The 5 Tactics

Chapter 3 – Attention & Awareness

Chapter 4 – Gaining Engagement

Chapter 5 – Building A Restaurant Email & Text Database

Chapter 6 – Tools To Build Your Database

Chapter 7 – Tracking Your Sales

Chapter 8 – Offers That Don’t Suck

Chapter 9 – Restaurant Email & Text Marketing