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B- Build

Chapters 5, 6, 7, & 8:

5) The Power Of A Database
6) Tools To Build A Database
7) How To Track The Sales Of Your Database
8) Offers That Don’t SUCK


Building A Database is Our Specialty…

Patrick owns 9 restaurants locations, among those are Dickey’s & Rapid Fired Pizza Franchise. We harness his social media channels and help him built his database of customers, with a clear focus on his concepts. His team works closely with us to leverage offers, promotions, and activity to engage his database of customers a few times a month, which really helps to bring the customers back into this restaurants time and time again. His dashboard shows which offers work well, which need redone, what gets clients in, what turns them off, and provides solid proof of ROI, which is more than he’s ever gotten from his previous marketing efforts.

Learn How To Implement These Tactics In Your Restaurant