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Frequently Asked Questions:

We help restaurant owners eliminate “HOPE & PRAY” from their marketing plan. We help you use ALL of your marketing to build a database, drive trackable results and create long term relationships with those customers.

Exactly how do you do that?

With a proven marketing program that helps gain HUGE attention, grow a customer database, and then systematically drive those people back in OVER & OVER & OVER again.

We created the idea of taking people from a social media post or online ad and move them through a platform we can grab their data and track it through a restaurant exclusive marketing dashboard. We’ve since added many other tactics like your 4-Walls marketing.

This allows restaurants to retarget and track how many new and returning customers are coming based on the ad. Real ROI. No more guessing.

Do you have a lot of experience with that?

My company has been doing marketing for restaurants since 2008. We help hundreds of restaurants nationwide and even have a handful of overseas clients. Our team of 25+ work exclusively with restaurants and have many years of high-level restaurant marketing experience.

I’ve written 3 books that have sold thousands of copies worldwide. My practices have helped thousands of restaurants build a database and drive sales.

How long will it take to get started if we come on board as a client?

We typically have everything built, tested and approved by you in 5-7 Days. You’ll see results within a week of being live and over the 1st 90 days we roll out 10 strategies to help you get the most our of your marketing.

Will this work for my restaurant?

We can’t be for sure until we learn more about your business. But our best clients have these 3 qualities: locally owned and operated, active in your every day marketing and online marketing and have a high online review ranking.

The best way to find out for sure though is to bring your questions to our call.

From there we can get your information and determine if our service fits your business model.

May I get a reference to a client you work with now?

You absolutely can.

When we talk on the phone I’ll give you any references that pertaining to your unique restaurant model.

In fact, you’ll find many on our Restaurant Marketing Case Studies & Testimonials page.

Got more questions?

Awesome! Bring them to our call and we’ll make sure to get them all answered.