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Matt Plapp

Company Visionary


Speaker & Author

Matt started his marketing career in Radio advertising in 1999, the same year that he built a website for a start-up online Boat/RV Dealership with his brother and father.  For 4 years, Matt ran the dealership and worked in radio.  After a very successful career in radio adverting sales and 4 years of 2 full-time jobs, Matt left to focus on the Boat/RV Dealership.  During this time, he used internet marketing to grow the business to $15,000,000 in annual sales and 3 stores.  In 2007, Matt was tired of the Boat/RV Dealership and left to start his agency, Driven Media Solutions. He started DMS to help businesses capitalize on digital marketing using an up & coming website called Facebook.  

Over the past 12 years, Matt has built DMS into an agency that focuses on 1 niche: Restaurants.  Matt authored Don’t 86 Your Restaurant Sales in 2018, which has been a hit worldwide.  The book walks readers through how his program, the ROI Engine, helps restaurants build an engaged customer database and online following with trackable results.  Matt’s 2nd book, Sell More Slices, was released in the Fall of 2019 at ManyChat’s Facebook Messenger Conference. Sell More Slices is a more focused version of his 1st book with additional data and case studies.  Matt’s goal is to write a book for every segment of the restaurant industry to show everyone how to build a marketing plan that drives sales and profits.

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Born and raised in Northern Kentucky, she’s been with Driven Media since the early days.

A few years after starting Driven Media Solutions Matt found himself in desperate need of help.

In his weekly BNI meeting he asked for a referral to someone who was internet and computer savvy, thank goodness Ashley’s Mom was in there.

After a brief phone call Matt sent Ashley an assignment as a test. Within an hour she was done with it and what she created blew Matt away. She came on board that week on a part-time basis and over the years her role as increased dramatically.

Ashley helps with everything from Facebook ads, email marketing, SMS campaigns and Messenger Bot sequences.

Ashley Mullins

Director Of Operations

Doug Smith

Director Of Sales

Doug handles all of the sales efforts at ROI Experts. He’s a 27-year marketing vet with 27 years in all parts of radio advertising and programming.

Doug and Matt met in 2000 while selling radio and event advertising for WGRR, B105 & Q102 in Cincinnati.

Doug also worked with their digital department 2060 digital dealing with local businesses on their marketing programs.

Matt & Doug always agreed on one thing, Mass Media could not PROVE ROI and it was the toughest part of the job, so it only made sense for Doug to join the ROI Experts and help spread the word about the ROI Engine program.

Do you want to meet the Michael Jordan of Sales Training? My father, Duane Plapp, is just that. If you or your staff need help to build better client relationships and closing more deals then you need to meet my dad!

S. Duane Plapp Sr. has the knowledge and experience of running a business in today’s environment. He knows the importance of a referral relationship and the need to develop business by referral. He is a veteran entrepreneur and an experienced manager. He has traveled from coast to coast motivating & inspiring audiences. Duane has a knack for making training exciting and interesting. Many consider Duane to be one of the top referral experts in the country. His personal mission is helping others find the simple way to achieve personal and business success. He is not only masterful as a business and networking coach, but he goes the extra mile, is always early, cares deeply for those he’s working with and wants your success as much or more than you do.

Contact Duane today to get your masters in referral marketing, [email protected] or 859-240-6428.

Duane Plapp

Sales & Relationship Expert, Speaker, Author

Chip Lawrence

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Southeast Sales Director

David Schlotter

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Northeast Sales Director

Kristian Cotta

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Arizona Sales Director

Tonya Johnson

Content Specialist

Tonya is a Northern Kentucky native. She’s enthusiastic about art and exercising (especially lifting REALLY heavy stuff), which is how we met.

She started doing Crossfit at my gym and jumped when she had the opportunity to help create fliers and market a fundraiser we threw.

At that moment, I realized her potential and knew that we needed her on the ROI Experts team.

Now, Tonya is responsible for creating content for our agency and our clients. She handles posts, broadcasts, emails, and editing major team projects, she’s one of the only one of us who knows Grammar:) Tonya also dabbles in support functions for the team.

Lisa is a part of our content team helping us create amazing email, text and social media messages that get customers to engage.  

Stay tuned for her Bio…COMING SOON

Lisa Bailey

Content Specialist

Annie Porter

Content Specialist

Annie helps the content & marketing team with Copy Writing. 

More info to come…

Mark helps the ROI Experts monitor the campaign stats. Mark is a retired New York State Police Officer who found his way into friendship with Matt, which got him involved with the ROI Experts.

On a daily basis he reviews our restaurant clients ROI Engine campaigns. He overseas Facebook & Instagram ad costs as well as redemption #s to make sure you restaurant clients are getting the VERY BEST ROI.

Mark Lester

Operations Team

Tom’s goal is simple, TO HELP US OVER DELIVER!

With experience in restaurant management, sales and marketing, Tom brings a unique perspective to the ROI Experts. Hospitality is in his DNA and he wants each client to have an amazing experience while working with us.

Tom analyzes the results our clients receive and figure out ways to go BEYOND their expectations.

He lives in Covington, Kentucky and enjoys riding his bike to the office during the warmer months.

Tom Mosher

Build Team Director


Build Team


Build Team


Build Team


Build Team

Luis Rivera

Account Manager


Luis is a stickler for details and that’s why he’s in charge of launching our clients programs.  Luis has an IT background and in digital marketing.  When clients decide to work with the ROI experts, Luis makes sure the process gets off to the right start and go’s live as smooth as possible.  

MORE info to come, but long story short, Scott makes sure our clients get MORE than they pay for.


Account Manager


Account Analyst


Account Analyst


Account Analyst