Restaurant App & Loyalty Program Problems

Okay. Let’s talk about restaurant apps, loyalty programs, digital punch cards. What are they missing? Why is yours not running at full speed? I want you to think about this.

What if Matt Plapp gave you an orange Lamborghini, boom, in your garage? Gorgeous. Great. You can take it out. Oh, hold on. There’s only a quarter tank of gas in it. There’s not enough gas in it. What if there’s no wheels, no engine?

That’s what a lot of you have. A lot of you have awesome products that you can use, but they’re not running at full speed. Recently, I was talking to a restaurant owner who has a loyalty program. He’s like, “Matt, it’s awesome. It does great. The customers love it. It drives business in.” I said, “How big is it?” “Eight hundred. Eight hundred people are in it.” I said, “How long is that?” “A year.”

“What would that do to your business if it had 1,600 people? What if it had 3,200 people? What if it had 5,000 people?” He said, “It would make a huge difference.”

The problem is he’s relying on people that are within his four walls. He’s relying on his team to ask typically in antiquated ways how to get somebody to join a program, “Hey, Matt. You don’t want to join our loyalty program, do you?”

Well, here’s what happens with that. Number one, you got to think about it. You’re only getting the traffic from inside your four walls. You’ve got to have traffic from outside, from Facebook, from Instagram, from Google, from YouTube. You’ve also got to have the right people at it, because if I’m a new customer that walks into your restaurant for the first time, am I joining your restaurant app? More than likely not. I just came for the first time. And maybe I do join it for the freebie. But guess what gets deleted right away? The restaurant app.

Am I joining your loyalty program if I’m a new or lost customer? Maybe I came back for the first time in a long time. I’m not joining it. The people that are joining those programs are, they call, your early adopters, the people that see it when you do it, they come out of the gate hard. They’re your frequent customers that love you, that know, like, and trust you and come back all the time.

The problem is you’re not getting enough gas in the Lamborghini. I want to help you get gas in the Lamborghini. If you’re interested in finding out tactics of how you can drive more business to your digital punch card, like I had a client yesterday show us that was pretty cool. If you’re interested in getting more people into your loyalty program, interested in getting people to use your online ordering, your mobile app, we can help with our Awareness Audit.

If you’re interested in having an audit for your digital marketing for your restaurant, your internal marketing for your restaurant, all of your marketing for your restaurant, we can help give you guidance, give you some advice on maybe what we see as an opportunity to make something better. But at the end of the day, I want to put more gas in the orange Lamborghini I’m going to give you. See you later.


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