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Welcome To The Family!

Before Your On-Boarding Call, We’ll Need You To Prepare A Few Items To Ensure A Smooth Process and Amazing Retention Engine Campaigns!

Your Brand Standards


The most notable asset your brand has is the logo!

Proving the most updated version, with accurate color ways, will allow our team to create graphics that are on brand for your restaurant.

Approved Colors:

Most companies use several colors in their branding.

Providing color codes will allow us to match the colors accurately in any graphics we create for you.

Example of Hex_Color Codes

Font/Text Files:

Generally, companies have an approved set of fonts to be used in graphics.

Providing these files allows us to upload them into our system and use them for your graphics. We will need either OTF or TTF files to upload them.

font file image

Brand Images

Menu Items:

Mouth-watering images of your top selling menu items will help us create the best looking graphics for our engagement posts, most notably our “Battle” posts, where we pit two items against each other and ask your customers to decide the best one!

Counting Contests:

Each month, we plan on creating a contest to engage your audience.

Most of these contests fall into the realm of “counting” contests, in which you provide an image of something (i.e. candy, an ingredient like coffee beans or peppers, etc.) in a jar or branded container so your customers can guess the total number of the item in said jar or container.

Owner / Team:

As Part of our retention campaigns, adding a familiar face makes it easy for customers to connect and relate with your brand.

Owner _ Team Photo

Questions Or Ideas?

Be sure to have any other photos, brand assets, or ideas prepared for your on-boarding call! We’ll review the elements and use them in any way possible.